Case Study: Credit Cards

Client is a rapidly growing credit card provider targeting domestic and international students with limited credit history. Their model is to help young people build credit by offering credit cards based on bank account verification and being able to show enough income to make payments instead of basing approval on credit scores. The goal is to allow cardholders to build credit while also responsibly managing credit.

The Challenge:

  • Take over Credit Card servicing from a legacy servicing partner
  • Significantly reduce costs through nearshore resources
  • Offer support via a variety of digital communication channels to better support client demographic
  • Increase active accounts through outbound sales and service calls
  • Improve customer service levels & client engagement
  • 45 days post-launch: Support new credit card product launch

Our Process:

  • Implement new card processing platform
  • Recruit and train dedicated team to manage:
  • Cardholder Service
  • Account Management
  • New Account Acquisition
  • Effectively and quickly onboard accounts
  • Activate outbound sales campaigns to acquire new cardholders and engage existing cardholders
  • 45 days post-launch: Assume management, cardholder service and acquisition efforts for new credit card portfolio


  • 6 week conversion
  • 50% increase in active accounts
  • 14% improvement in service level rating
  • 1 second average speed of answer