Fintech is changing the way the financial service industry operates. Fintech creates networks that control large amounts of information and helps to build trusted relationships between companies and clients.  Technologies such as biometrics, blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and bots are driving businesses to innovate and transform. Therefore, partnering with a proven, high-performing company who offers cutting-edge technology is key to supporting your portfolio needs.

First Associates broke new ground as the first Fintech servicing platform and we are the only servicer in our class to have earned a Morningstar Credit Rating ranking of ‘stable’ which is the highest certification available to assess operational risk and overall excellence. With best-in-class infrastructure, fanatical security protocols, cloud-based systems, artificial intelligence, and a peerless technology team driving continuous innovation, we have technology ready to work for you.

First Associates supports loan and lease portfolios for industry-leading Fintech companies and ensures that technology is to maximize service and performance on all client portfolios regardless of asset class. Our deep experience in the unsecured consumer market allows us to achieve significantly better results while maintaining a high level of service to your borrowers.

We specialize in partnering with companies to provide:

  • Loan Servicing
  • Lease Servicing
  • Verification Calls
  • Delinquency Management
Assets - Fintech

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