Solar/Home Improvement

Consumer demand for eco-friendly products is boosting the home improvement industry. People seek to make residential properties more comfortable, adding solar, air conditioning, heaters, waterproof roofs, pool services or construction, soundproof lofts, more rooms for space, etc. Today comfort is a requirement and people opt for greener solutions that often require an upfront investment, but will benefit their families in long-term.

First Associates is one of the largest servicing companies in the home improvement industry. Our focus is on providing turnkey servicing to enable top-notch portfolio management and growth of home improvement companies. We deliver the highest levels of customer service to borrowers and lessees, and have helped many companies gain a competitive advantage while also lessening their workload so they have more time to focus on their core business. Our scalable infrastructure can support both small and large companies and we service many segments of the home improvement market including:

  • Solar
  • Energy-Efficiency Upgrades
  • Pools & Spas
  • Architectural & Design Upgrades
solar / home improvement

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