Jannet ZamoraVice President of Operations

leadership - Jannet Zamora

Jannet Zamora is an intelligent, efficient leader who has a unique talent for seeing the source of any problem and finding a way to turn it into an opportunity. In her 20 years of experience, she has developed impressive management skills and knows how to build call center teams that deliver best-in-class results. Since joining First Associates in 2016, Ms. Zamora has revolutionized the way First Associates delivers customer experience by putting her knowledge to work on everything from optimizing call flow to implementing artificial intelligence to boost performance and deliver insights that accelerate client growth.

Prior to First Associates, Ms. Zamora led call center operations at Equity Key and was the Direct Sales Senior Manager at Great Call. She also spent 10+ years in Customer Service Operations at HSBC honing her Cx skills and developing effective call center processes that helped transform operations and yield top results.

Ms. Zamora is well-respected as a driving force in developing the San Diego-Tijuana business community and is sought after for her expertise in call center development. She attended San Diego State University.